Isabel's recommendations

Isabel in fog surrounding small glacial pools in the Abruzzo

My name is Isabel.  I was born in Rome on August the 4th and I am six-years old.  I live in Italy.  I love my school, it is a Waldorf Steiner school.  We only speak Italian.

I think you should come to Italy to visit.  The food is remarkable here.  You should try the pizza at our favorite neighborhood pizzeria, Simone.  My favorite pizza is Margherita.  My second favorite is pizza bianca.  Pizza bianca is like bread except there is salt and olive oil.  There is no cheese or anything else added.

I recommend going to the children’s museum in Rome.  There is a lot to do.  You can go to a play Italian supermarket, which has a real cash register.  There is also an Italian kitchen, which has pots and pans and pretend food like a big whole fish and figs.  There are books in Italian and English for little children.  There is also a pretend cow that you can pretend to milk.

I also love the Cortile, our neighborhood restaurant with really good food and especially good chocolate mousse.

We also have a very good hair cutter, named Silvano.  He has a barbershop and can cut your hair very well.  We all get our haircut there at the same time.

Last Saturday, we took the train to Viterbo.  I really loved going on the train.  I thought that the water in Viterbo was very good.

Please come to Italy.  Please please please.


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    absolutely lovely sweet Isabel!! you are adorable and your recommendations are very tempting! I am very happy that you are a beautiful and sophisticated little girl and that you live in a family and environment that will make you a great person and give you a wonderful life!






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