Winter in Italy – Carnevale !

Rome has not the elaborate and extraordinary costumes and masks of Venice (we’ll post photographs from a prior trip in another blog) but this year Rome was about the only place in Italy where foul weather didn’t obstruct the main celebratory events of Carnevale.  So the Insiders were able to enjoy the wonders of Carnevale at home in Rome in the Piazza del Popolo. Let us know if you would like next year to celebrate Carnevale here too.  Wondrous events will occur on Rome’s major squares and the historic Via del Corso, this between February 22 and March 4.  We will have the entire schedule of events for you, and know the perfect hotel — as well as the best place for Carnevale costumes (for children and adults) and dancing, the best source for original Carnevale confetti — and certainly for Carnevale pastries !

Carnevale welcome

Carabinieri officers in full dress


The Pines of Rome


The evening fireworks closing the Carnevale festival were preceded by a horse show of riding to music, known as  freestyle-to-music dressage or kür.

Spanish Cavalier

taking bows


Cavalry of the Carabinieri

Charge of the Light Cavalry





En route home, walking through the nearly deserted Piazza Navona…


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