Reviews and Comments

Bobby and Meegan : Thank you Marjorie for helping us to create wonderful memories.  Your attention to the little details along with listening to our requests and desires resulted in a truly amazing experience.

Initially we both wondered if the cost of Insider’s Italy would be ‘worth it’. After all, we thought it would be one step beyond a typical travel agent or possible if we chose to arrange ourselves with the help of online services like Trip Advisor. We were very pleasantly surprised! Indeed, your recommendations and connections far surpassed our expectations and created an amazing experience with memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. For us, this was most noticeable in the little details. For example, that we needed a car for Tuscany, yet definitely not in Amalfi, that taking the trains was not only safe and efficient yet romantic, that a quiet room in Venice was much more enjoyable (with an amazing view) than a water-facing view…and the list goes on.

Overall, your guidance, selection of hotels, recommendations for restaurants and outings was impeccable but the true gem of Insider’s Italy was the introduction to the experts who live in the places we visited.

Indeed, Meegan and I had a spectacular time.  Our trip will provide a lifetime of wonderful memories yet we already feel the pull to return to Italia.  The Italian people are warm and welcoming, passionate yet patient.

John Munchoff :  I have to tell you that, once again, you have made our trip outstanding, unique, and very memorable. Last year’s trip was, hands down, a vacation for the record books. The entire family loved it above any previous vacations. This year, before our arrival I tried to manage their expectations by telling them that I did not think I could meet or beat last year. Well thanks to you, Amalfi eclipsed last year like a Ferrari on the autostrade. My family has advised me that I have now set the bar much higher for future vacations. My son thought he had died and gone to heaven at your Amalfi Coast hotel suggestion.

Michael Klausman : We would not allow anyone else to tinker with any trip to Italy..You are the epitome of excellence in your field.

Mike Mancarella : The planning you have done in the past has made for some of the best travel experiences of my life.

The New York Times: Marjorie Shaw’s service was a delight.

Ray Beale : I had wonderful, marvelous, life-changing adventures in Italy, and you Marjorie were a most important contributor to the execution of these adventures. I know it is your business, but it was much more than that for me, and I’m sure it is for all your clients whose lives are made fuller and richer with knowing you. Grazie tante!!

J. Fowler : You were so instrumental in creating a lifetime of memories for Doug and me on our honeymoon in 2003.  We talk about it all the time and always say, it was the greatest trip we’ve ever taken.  Still to this day, 9 years later it is.

Travel & Leisure: Marjorie Shaw’s Insider’s Italy can help you plan a trip that meets both your basic needs and your loftiest expectations.

David & Merete : In all, a wonderful trip, probably my best vacation ever. Grazie mille!!!

Phillip and Margaret Ward: The book you wrote for us was complete and allowed us to travel as if we had been to Italy many times. I was able to navigate the Venice and Florence airports and train stations as though I used them regularly. What to do, where to go, how long it should take, even to the point of knowing to turn right at the Farmacia in the Florence train station to find a taxi. We found this level of detail across all aspects of our plan. Our accommodations were perfect. The guides were fantastic! They gave us wonderful perspectives on the history, architecture, and art of Venice and Florence. The food was beyond description!  Wonderful food, better people! Nicolo was a lot of fun. He took me to the wine cellar while he found just the right bottle. You live in a very special country. We are counting on you to plan our next trip to Italy in 2013.

Jamie and Mike Ney: We’ve just returned from the most wonderful three weeks that anyone could hope for. We felt we had a guardian angel perched on our shoulders. Your exquisite plans made our trip so memorable there was nothing left for us to do but eat, drink and enjoy. Each accommodation was delightful—and none would have been found without you.

The Educated Traveler: The greatest thing about Marjorie is that she spends a lot of time making sure her clients get the most out of their trips. Plus she enjoys Italy passionately.

Vivek Shaiva : I just returned from a trip to Italy and was pleased to see the article, Only in Tuscany, by Dan Hofstadter and Ondine Cohane in the September issue.  What really caught my eye was the article recommending Marjorie Shaw’s Insider’s Italy and I wanted to share my experiences with their unique travel services during my trip. I heard about Insider’s Italy through a friend’s recommendation and arranged to have my Italy trip coordinated through her this August. We planned a short stay in Rome followed by a longer stay at the Amalfi coast. Marjorie recommended very unique and special hotels customized to my requirements (I was travelling with my two kids) right down to specific room recommendations while keeping my budget needs in mind. During our stay at Amalfi, Marjorie arranged for a forty year resident of the area take us on a amazing boat trip down the coast stopping at nice private coves for a swim in the Mediterranean helping us avoid crowded tourist traps (August as you know is a peak vacation period for Italians). This was followed by a fantastic lunch at small local restaurant in a small fishing village on the coast. The restaurant is run by one of the few “real” fishermen left in the area. There was no menu! Our customized meal was created just for us – fresh anchovies, awesome pasta, fresh catch of the day – delicately and perfectly cooked and accompanied by local wine with peaches. On our way back via Rome, Marjorie pulled another miracle of sorts. Most of the restaurants in Rome are closed in August especially on a Sunday night. At my request she researched and managed to find a very nice restaurant in a place centrally located but tucked away in a side street that no tourist could have ever found ! I could tell by the packed crowd that it was a local favorite. I had the best meal of my stay. I am so glad I took up my friend’s recommendations to plan this trip through Marjorie’s Insider’s Italy – it made all the difference in the world and I would not step foot in that country again without arranging the trip through her!

Michael Douglas: Marjorie, I want you to know that this was one of the most enjoyable and enriching holidays of my life. I fully anticipate carrying forever the wonderful memories of sophisticated cities, pastoral Tuscan life, good times with good friends and new acquaintances, and the cathartic laughter of our children.

Eunie Denenberg: The hotels—which were our highest priority—were sensational. You understood exactly the feeling we wanted and came through perfectly.

Ron Newcome: Your service would be a bargain at twice the price. You opened the kind of doors that I open in my part of the world for only my very best friends. You gave us the trip of a lifetime.

Travel Holiday: The next best thing to having a hospitable aunt in Arezzo or in Rimini or in Padua is knowing about Marjorie Shaw’s Insider’s Italy.

Shelley Block: Your hard work was instrumental in creating the very special experience we had hoped for. Both our rental houses—in Tuscany and Umbria—were perfect, and you obviously selected them with great care. Each of the hotels also fit the bill precisely. The locations you chose were varied but all wonderful and the combination of them was ideal.

Medical Economics: Shaw’s details… were things I’ve never seen in any guidebook, the sort of advice youmight get from a friend if the friend were very, very knowledgeable. The driving instructions alone were proof of Shaw’s expertise: “Leave Radda to the west, driving past the two gas stations, and 700 meters after the Agip station, turn left at the sign indicating San Giusto…”

David and Renee Zallie: Insider’s Italy provided my wife and me with a tremendously enjoyable honeymoon in Italy. Having never gone to Italy before, we now know just how important Insider’s Italy was to us. Information we needed on hotels, restaurants, sites to see, guides, transportation, as well as the customs of the country, were there for us.

David and Linda Roots: Marjorie arranged our first trip to Italy in 1999 and it was, by far, the most incredibly wonderful experience of our lives. That includes the accommodations, daily trip planning, and many “Insider” tips that led to some of the most memorable excursions imaginable. This may sound like a paid announcement, but we would not have retained Marjorie’s services just two years later for our next trip had this not been the case. We have referred her to more than half a dozen friends and plan to continue doing so for years to come. She is a rare gem!

Town & Country: Looking for the finest linens in Florence or the sweetest biscotti in Siena? Talk to Marjorie Shaw, whose travel service, Insider’s Italy, delivers what guidebooks and travel agencies won’t—or can’t. The firm’s custom-tailored itineraries omit nothing.

Elliott Livstone: There aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to describe how much we enjoyed our travels and appreciated your efforts. The accommodations were spectacular and we coined the phrase “A Marjorie Shaw View” to describe the knock-down view from all of your personally selected hotel room windows.

Lee Levine: The icing on the cake, of course, is your own unique insight into every nook and cranny of the country. From the best gelati in Rome, to the most varied and interesting hike from Ravello to Atrani, to your relationships with your art historians, you enabled us to enjoy an experience that we could not duplicate by consulting a room full of travel guidebooks. For all of this, Marjorie, we are forever grateful to you.