If you have a general inquiry about us or our services, please contact us at:

[email protected]

tel/fax: +1.914.470.1612

We recommend that travelers start with our initial consultation service by completing our travel planning survey below. Your survey will give us the best idea of your ideal Italian travels. If we are able to assist you, you will receive three to six pages of personalized travel suggestions, including an outline for a suggested itinerary and a detailed proposal for our comprehensive services.

If after reviewing the above proposal, you wish to proceed further, you will pay an initial consultation fee of $150. This fee will be credited toward the travel planning service you select.

If your primary interest is villa rental, we invite you to complete our travel planning survey or to contact us as shown above. We do not charge any fees for villa rentals alone.

A benefit for repeat clients is that our initial consultation fee of $150 is waived.