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2. Travel Objectives

To help us understand the focus of your trip, please tell us approximately what percentage of your travels you wish to spend in
Cities: Countryside: Small Towns: Coast: Mountains:

Is this to be an off-the-beaten-path trip?

What destinations are essential to your itinerary?

Do you have an approximate itinerary plan?

What would make this trip outstanding?


A: Please specify the locations (even if approximate) where you will need accommodation and the number of nights you may spend in each location. If not known, please skip and complete B.

Location and number of nights:

B: How many bases might you want to set and how many days at each?

Bases and number of nights:

C: What kind of accommodation do you prefer? Please note that the actual rates for accommodation will be in euros, so the US dollar amount will vary with the day's exchange rate.

My selection (check several categories if appropriate): LuxuryFirst ClassVillas or Apartments

Luxury - The best you can arrange. Price is not a primary consideration. However, it should not exceed US dollars per room double occupancy, per night, for bed and breakfast.

First Class - Very comfortable, high-quality accommodation. In cities, high-season rates range from US$325 to US$500 for a double with bed and breakfast, and about US$325 to US$450 for country or resort accommodation, with some seasonal variations.

Villas or Apartments - Available for a stay of one week or more. Please note that villa rentals always run Saturday to Saturday, and that high season prices begin at about US$5,000 per week.

Cost should be no more than a total of US dollars per week for accommodation for

D: Please specify the number of rooms required for the total party. Italian double rooms provide one bed that is roughly a queen in size. Twin rooms provide two single beds in one room.

double-bedded room/s
twin-bedded room/s
single-bedded room/s
double-bedded with third bed or cot

E: Additional comments or accommodations?

4. Transportation

How do you plan to travel within Italy?
Entirely by train (no countryside or small town destinations)By train between cities or when easily feasible, by car between small town and countryside destinations.Exclusively by car

If driving:

If known, where will you pick up your car?

Where might you drop it off?

What is the maximum number of hours you want to spend driving to a destination?

Round trip, driving on a day-trip?

Can you drive a standard (non-automatic) shift? YesNo

Any other comments on routing or transportation?

5. Good Eating

What kind of restaurants do you prefer? Check more than one category if applicable?

Nationally ranked, elegant. US$75+/person for a two- or three-course meal without wineClassic ristorante. Moderately priced, US$40 to US$75 per person before wineInformal trattoria. US$40 and under per person before wine

How many meals out daily? OneTwo

Are you interested in picnicking on local specialties? YesNo

Would you like information on locally acclaimed:

food stores and delicatessensindoor and outdoor food marketsice creampastry shopswine bar and storescafes and coffee bars

Any other comments about good eating?

6. Additional Information

Please review any other special interests that are not covered above.

Is there anything else we should know?

How and when did you first learn of us?

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